Friday, July 24, 2009

Fabulous Friday

I had a truly enjoyable day off! I was still enjoying outdoor Florida, but I was not in my park. I went scalloping with my boyfriend and some of our friends. We went to a beautiful and quiet cove where we were able to walk out into the water and look for scallops. The place is called Hagan's Cove and its near Steinhatchee, FL on the gulf side. We came well prepared with lots of sunscreen and a raft that we pulled along with us. The raft allowed us to bring a cooler with cold drinks and snacks. The raft also gave us a place to leave snorkels or fins or nets or other things that we wanted with us but couldn't carry all of the time. We had to walk out about a mile off shore before we were finding scallops, but the water was nice and shallow so we could touch the bottom the whole time. I really enjoyed seeing all of the different critters, it is a completely different ecosystem than I see at the park. We saw fiddler crabs in droves on the shore, we saw quite a few horseshoe crabs and of course, lots of different fish. We spent several hours in the water and ended up with 36 scallops between the four of us. It wasn't much, but my boyfriend and I were thrilled because we topped our catch of last year which was just seven scallops. After a long day in the water, we were anxious to get home and get the salt rinsed off. We cleaned the scallops right away. All those scallops didn't look like much once they were cleaned. We ended up with about 3/4 cup of meat. I cooked a meal of angel hair pasta, mixed veggies, and scallops in olive oil, garlic, and lemon. It was tasty, but next time we might stop to buy some more scallops on the way home.

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