Thursday, July 16, 2009

Park Hopping

Another fun part of my job is when my duties take me to other parks. From time to time I get to visit different parks for meetings, trainings, or to lend a hand. Its nice to be able to see new places and to get to know other parks so that I can answer visitor questions better. I had the opportunity today to be on an interview panel for a position at a nearby park. It was beneficial for the park and for myself. I provided an extra set of eyes and ears as well as another point of view to the selection process and it gave me additional experience. I am interested in progressing to an Assistant Park Manager position. I have been to a couple of interviews, but being on the opposite side of the interview table today was insightful. I will also take many ideas about the hiring process from today with me throughout my career.
Because I was in interviews all day today, I don't have much to talk about. I did take some time to take a quick walk through the park to get some photos and I will let them do the story telling for today. The lighting was perfect to catch the beautiful blue of Manatee Springs and there were plenty of mullet in the spring run. I always enjoy the wooden boardwalk at this park which travels alongside the spring run to the river. This park is also on the Suwannee River, many miles downriver from Troy Springs. The river is much wider here than it is at Troy. There are several other springs as well as rivers that contribute to the waters of the Suwannee between the two parks. The first four photos are of the spring run and the walkway alongside it. The fifth photo is the river, and the last is the beautiful spring itself.

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