Saturday, July 11, 2009

Simple Saturday

I am off today. From the vehicle sounds that I have been hearing, it sounds like the park has been busy. I hope that tomorrow is the same. I am looking forward to a busy day in the park again. Today I was finally able to get the supplies for the craft project in the cabin. We have a different project that kids can make and take set up in the log cabin visitor center every month. This month the project is going out a little late, but I think it is a good one. I find most of my project ideas on a great webpage called Family Fun. They have a large variety of projects and they are searchable so that I can find nature related projects that I can make somewhat educational. So, this month we are doing the Cricket Chirper. We will put beads on wooden skewers that when rubbed together make cricket noises. I have already made the directions and an interpretive sheet on grasshoppers and crickets to hang in the activity room. The interpretive sheet may not be read, but having a toy that makes cricket noises may make a child pay more attention to a cricket in the future and maybe even learn something. Every once in a while, a parent will read the sheet and share with the child.
I haven't taken any photos today and I don't have any great ones from the week that I haven't used yet, so I will take this opportunity to respond to a comment on the post about the Madison. If you don't know what the Madison is, click the link, read, then come back. Here are the photos of Captain James Tucker as well as the Madison in the spring at the turn of the century. There was a lot more left of it then than there is now. The photos of the Captain came from a relative of his. The Madison photo is still a bit of a mystery. I have seen the photo in news articles. I vaguely remember reading that it was an image used in a postcard, but I can't find where I read that. I also had a park visitor drop off a CD with the image files on it to the park, but I don't have that person's contact information so I can't ask where the image came from. I am happy to have it though, and maybe someday the mystery will be solved. Until then, enjoy the photos.

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