Thursday, August 20, 2009


I was inspired by a comment last week to try something new on a day off. Here are two photos that I have taken this month and not yet blogged. These two animals look very expressive. What do you think they would say if they could talk?

This is a Gopher Tortoise dining on my drive way.
This is a Green Anole hiding in the walkway to the spring.

Click "comments" below to tell us what these animals are saying. Everyone's ideas are welcome.


Anonymous said...

1) Tortoise, "I'm not sharing!"

2) Anole, "A little privacy, Please!"

Anonymous said...

Tortoise is saying "yes I'm easting grass and no you can not have any"

Anole, "I'm hiding shhhhhh"

Heidi H said...

Tortoise; What? Something stuck in my teeth? How embarrassing.

Anole; Can you see me now?

Anonymous said...

Tortoise: "I dare you to make one more wise crack about vegetarians."

Anole: "I'm the world's smallest private eye and I'll be watching you!"

Lorena said...

Tortoise: Doh de doh... dum de dum... doh de doh...

Anole: hey there, sexy lady (does red flappy thing with neck) OMG WAIT YOU ARE BIG (does pushups to look intimidating)

Linda said...

The tortoise is saying, "What chu lookin' at?" and the Anole is saying, "Is the coast clear?"