Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Today was much colder than yesterday, but for some reason, a busier day than we have had in a while.  We even had four brave divers who were experienced with dark water and determined to make the dive.  I will definitely have to close the spring tomorrow, so they made it in just under the wire.  There were a couple of families who came well bundled for the cold and enjoyed their day at the park.  One family even spent some time in the activity room making ornaments.  They came up with some creative ideas.  Is was nice to have so many people in the park.  I was so busy with them that I didn't take many photos today.  Here is the shot from the cabin porch and a video of the spring first thing this morning.  The fog is dancing all over the place and the surface of the water is almost boiling with fish and turtle activity.

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