Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another Cold Day

I was tricked this morning.  I left the house prepared for a cold day.  As I expected, there was ice on my truck windshield.  I started up the truck and adjusted the temperature controls to send 'warm' full blast to the windshield.  I stood outside of my truck, eating a bagel, unwilling to touch the cold seat until it had warmed up.  While I stood there, I realized that it didn't feel that bad outside.  It was cold, yes, but I could handle it.  I didn't even need the hat that I brought with me.  As I mentioned, I was tricked!  After I completed my drive through the park (1 mile) and my drive to the office (1/2 mile), it was suddenly too cold for me to stand it!  If the wind was still, it didn't feel that bad but the wind decided not to be still anymore.  I went inside to put my things down and I really did not want to go back outside.  I did though.  I put my hat on and zipped up my coat.  My initial observation this morning made me decide against gloves, but I did tuck my hands into my sleeves and then into my pockets.  I went for a walk around the park and turned off dripping faucets along the way.
I started at the cabin.  I turned off all the faucets, unlocked it, and turned on the lights.  I stood on the porch for just a moment to take the usual photo from this vantage point.  It is hard to look at this view and try to describe the normal view to new visitors, even with photos.  Its just hard to believe what a little extra water can do.

I headed down to the river next and stayed as long as I could stand it.  The river area is so much more susceptible to the effects of the wind.  From the area that looks over the spring run at the river, I took this next shot.  The poor spring dock is halfway submerged.  Compare it to the same view from early December.  I wish it still looked that way.   It looked warmer then.

I snapped a few more photos at the river area and then headed back up the hill.

When I got to the top of the hill, I wanted to run for cover to the safety of my warm office, but I still had more faucets to turn off.  I walked over to the restrooms and decided to head down the walkway to the spring dock to see how far the water has come up the walkway.  It has not rounded the corner, but it has covered another square of concrete.  I wasn't able to take a photo because the batteries had finally completely died in my camera.  I headed back to the office and started to thaw out and work on paperwork.  I was able to occupy myself for the rest of the day working on paperwork.  I had hoped to run some errands, but one of the main stores that I needed to go to was closed for the weekend.  I got most of the monthly paperwork done.  I still have to complete my time sheet and send reports to our biologist and I will be totally done tomorrow.  I put new batteries in my camera, but I never warmed up enough to want to walk around outside again any longer than I had to.  I did see a few visitors today.  One couple from Kentucky was kayaking down the river and spent some time at Troy.  Another very brave and very bundled man came to fish for a while as well.  A couple of vehicles pulled in, their occupants used the restrooms and then left again.  It was another quiet day at Troy Springs.  I am ready for summertime!

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