Friday, January 8, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Not-So-Ugly

Good: Today was a day off. Bad: It was cold.  Good: I had three brand new lenses for my camera to play with.  They arrived yesterday, ordered with Christmas money.  Bad: It got colder as the day progressed.  Good: There was a GORGEOUS sunrise this morning.  Bad: It went away as I headed to Paynes Prairie to get some photos and it started to rain.  Good:  The rain held up once I got to Paynes Prairie.  Bad:  It was too dark to photograph any of the very distant wildlife.  Good:  I did get some decent photos.  Bad:  I really didn't get to try out my new lenses to the fullest extent.  Good:  I did get a couple of decent shots.  Bad:  There are only three.  Good:  I did have one more frosty photo from last week that I wanted to share as well.


Linda said...

The sky at Paynes Prairie seems to go on forever. Thanks for the virtual visit. What lenses did you get and what will they do? (I don't think it's possible for your photos to get any more beautiful...) Love the frosty outlines. All the leaves you've been posting lately look like new variegated species!

Ranger Amy said...

Paynes Prairie is a great place to watch the sky... it really does seem to go on forever. I will answer the lens question in the next post.