Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Then Came The Internet

Today was my second day off.  It was a day to get things accomplished though.  I was up bright and early to call the internet company to express my displeasure in the run-around waiting game that I had been experiencing.  They were unapologetic, but told me that I would have internet access today.  That left me to just wait some more which was really frustrating.  I decided to blow off some steam, so I took my dog, Dozer for a walk around the park.  He got to meet several of my coworkers and had a good time.
When we returned home, I got a few more boxes unpacked and did some general clean-up around the house.  I can't wait for everything to have a place.  Its really difficult to tidy-up when things don't really belong anywhere specific just yet.  Late in the afternoon, a serviceman showed up to work on the internet connection.  He had to go back and forth between the wiring outside of my house and the box up the road.  After an hour or two, I was finally online again!  While I was making myself available to the serviceman for questions but trying to stay out of his way, I was looking around the yard.  It is really a beautiful yard.  I watched a big, yellow, Tiger Swallowtail butterfly flutter around a Wild Plum Tree's blossoms for ages.  When I finally got my camera, it flew away of course.  I took a few photos of the blooms and saw that there were a lot of bees enjoying the flowers as well.

Another plant was just coming into bloom.  It is a Coral Honeysuckle, a favorite for hummingbirds and butterflies.  You may remember that I mentioned treating an exotic, invasive type of Honeysuckle at Troy.  This Coral Honeysuckle is native and though it does seem to need a trim, this one will not overtake everything growing around it.  I had seen this dense, viney, plant when I first saw my house a few weeks ago.  It is visible in the photo of the side of the house with the fire circle and picnic table.  In the photo, it is just a mass of green and brown.  Now, it is beautiful.  A previous resident in this house had done quite a bit of planting around the house to encourage butterflies.  I can't wait to see what else comes up and starts to bloom.... I'm looking forward to what it is all going to draw in as well.  I hope that I have lots of butterfly photos in my future.

Thought of The Day #92
Everything about Wekiwa is bigger and busier than Troy.  You would think that my stress level would be much higher at Wekiwa as well.  I'm sure that it will get worse than it is right now, but one thing I am noticing already is that my days off are really days off.  At Troy, if there was a problem on my day off, I was the only one to call to solve that problem.  Everyone had my personal cell phone number and it was rare to have a day off that was truly all to myself.  Here, there is another Assistant Manager, there is a Park Manager, there are staff members everywhere!  There are other people to call on days off.  I think it is really nice that we can all get some rest when we need it.

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