Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day at Home

Today was the start of my weekend off.  It was a pretty quiet day at home.  We unpacked some more boxes and we now have the guest room and guest bathroom set-up and ready.  Its hard to believe that we have been here for almost a month and a half.  The time is flying by so quickly.  I spent the day working around the house and battling malware on the computer so I didn't get out to take any photos.  Here are some leftovers from the past week.  The flower was from Wednesday and the fire photos are from yesterday.

Thought of the Day #61
Someone asked yesterday how we decide when to start a prescribed fire.  Our park biologists write burn prescriptions for each zone of the park.  The prescription tells us how and when to burn the zone to achieve our desired results.  It gives us a range of conditions that are necessary for that zone.  The prescription takes into account wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity, recent rainfall amounts, fuel moisture, and several other factors.  Our biologists can look at the weather forecasts for the week to plan out a window of opportunity to burn.  They look at the upcoming conditions and find zones that fit those conditions.  When there is a match, we tentatively plan ahead to burn, but the final call is made the morning of the proposed burn.  Those of us on staff that participate in prescribed fire are to be ready at all times to burn.  As you know, weather forecasts are not always accurate, so things can always change at the last minute.  Another check is done right before we start the burn.  There is also always someone on the fire line monitoring the weather throughout the burn.

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