Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Under The Weather

I am so glad that I was off today.  I have been struggling with some congestion for the last week or so from a heavy allergy season.  Well, I think the allergens have won the battle.  I was down and out for most of the day.  I really hope that I can enjoy some of my weekend tomorrow.  For now, here are some leftovers taken from the park drive.

Thought of the Day #79
I am going to make a conscious effort to give you a thorough tour of the park.  I think it will have to happen in sections, but to get you started, here is a map of the main area of the park.  This entrance contains the 60 site family campground, the spring, the picnic area, the youth camp, Lake Prevatt, Sand Lake and 13 miles of hiking trails.  I have shown you some of Katie's Landing, and a smidge of Rock Springs Run State Reserve.  There is so much more to see.  The 42,000+acres managed by Wekiwa Springs is immense, but I hope that I will be able to show you a good representation of the stunning acreage.

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