Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rainy Day Off

Today was my last day off this week.  We had considered playing some disc golf or going kayaking, but the weather report looked a little damp for outdoor activities.  I didn't mind another restful day at home though.  The rain started in the afternoon and continued, on and off for the rest of the day.  We spent some time on the porch because the rain brought some cooler temperatures.  It was really nice to sit and watch the storm.  During a break in the weather, we saw our neighbor, the Gopher Tortoise out for lunch.

She didn't mind the rain when it was light.  It must feel nice to have a shower, even to a tortoise.  After I went back inside and the rain got much harder, the tortoise headed back to her burrow as well.
While I was out photographing the tortoise, I walked by the Coral Honeysuckle.  I am a sucker for perfectly formed raindrops perched on a leaf.  They are just like like sparkly diamonds to me.

Thought of the Day #50
I think that my neighbor, the Gopher Tortoise needs a name.  She is a regular feature in my yard and I think we should at least be on a first name basis.  Do you have any suggestions for a female Gopher Tortoise?  Please post in the comments below.  I will make a poll later with the ideas.


Anonymous said...


Aunt Gay said...

Pokey. Though I like Tiffany, too.

Ranger Amy said...

Great ideas, keep 'em coming! Here are some other suggestions that have been given:
Bonita Tortuga

idyllicchick said...

When my brother was a kid he had a turtle named after himself - Henry. When I moved out here to the swamp I found three gopher tortoise holes in my yard (But only saw a tortoise once!). I marked the holes with flags so that we wouldn't mow too close to them and called the holes Hank, Hank II, and Hank III. Mostly after my brother and his turtle, and somewhat after the three Hanks Williams. Anyhoo, I vote for Henrietta, since I tend to name most things Hank now. =)

Lorena said...

Late to the game, but I think you should call her "Teach". Why, you ask...? Because ... "we called him Tortoise because he taught us"!

:takes a bow:

Thank you, thank you! I'll be here all week! Please tip your wait staff!