Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last Day!!!

Well it was a wonderful year and I have a great sense of accomplishment for finishing this project.  I have been able to share a lot of beautiful, crawly, and fun experiences with you all and I hope you have enjoyed the ride.  Please stay tuned and check back with me in a month or so.  I am going to take a break, give my camera some much needed rest, relaxation, and repair, and revamp the site a little.  I am done with daily postings, but I will try to keep up with the exciting moments that I encounter.
I'm sorry that I don't have a more interesting day to report for the last day of the blog, but it is what it is.  Today was a quiet day at the park.  Several of the administrative staff are using up some leave time before the full force of the summer arrives.  Park visitors were pretty quiet today as well.  I spent most of the morning in the office and most of the afternoon with the park staff.
I got a fun Bee photo yesterday that didn't make it to the blog yet.  It was intently feasting on the unidentified purple flower in my back yard.  This Bee could not be distracted from its mission.  It was there when I found it, allowed me to take several photos, and it was still in the same spot when I left.

The only photo that I took today was of a Royal Walnut Moth who was having a rest under a leaf near the door to the ranger station.  It is a beautiful moth and, I think, deserving of the name "Royal".  Its caterpillar is an interesting character that I would love to see in person.  Until then, this is what a Google image search yields of the Hickory Horned Devil, as the caterpillar is named.

While I am gone, I hope you go out and do some exploring on your own.  Turn over logs and turn over leaves.  Bring your camera, a magnifying glass, and a child.  That's all you need for an exciting day in the woods or in your back yard.  Take photos or notes and bring them home to your field guides or the Internet to continue the adventure at home to learn more about what you saw.

Thought of the Day #1
As I said, this has really been a fun experience.  I am glad to know that I can accomplish what I set my mind to and the benefits to my readers and myself have been more than I ever expected.  I hope that I have helped to inspire future rangers or at least helped people to appreciate their state park rangers.  I know that I have helped to educate a few people and that is worth all the work.


Anonymous said...

the caterpillar is huge! how big is the moth?

Linda said...

Amy, we're so proud of you - congratulations on fulfilling your commitment, and in grand style! We can understand your relief, but we'll still be checking your site regularly, just in case you decide to give us another wonderful taste of nature and another view of your world. Dad says he's going to have blog will many of your admiring readers!

Lorena said...

I could not have said it better than Linda!

Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed your blog, and will miss my weekly (or so) fix - when I would go through and enjoy all your beautiful photos and fascinating commentary. Thank you for sharing your world - and I"ll still check in from time to time in case you get the urge to do a little more blogging just for fun.


FL (who does not live in Florida)

Linda said...

(Still peeking in and hoping...but no pressure.) ;-)

Will you be reporting on hurricanes? Oil?

Ranger Amy said...

The moth was 3inches at most from head to wing tip.

Thanks for all the positive comments.

I'll be back soon. No direct impact from oil at the park, possibly more visitation from people avoiding beaches. No hurricanes to speak of yet.

Linda said...

Yea! I knew you couldn't stay away. Thanks for the answers. Hope all is well.