Monday, June 29, 2009

Monotonous Monday

Today is Monday. Mondays are always the same (unless there is a bank holiday). As I do everyday, I put up the flags, unlocked the gate, and headed to the office for paperwork. Paperwork entails recording rainfall and water levels, preparing the daily deposit, doing the daily income report, filling in that day on the weekly visitation report, processing the receipts on the cash register, making copies of everything I've done, as well as answering e-mails and returning phone messages. On Mondays, I have to add a few more steps to complete all of the forms and run a weekly register report. Then I am usually ready to get out of the office! I open the visitor center and check the restrooms and take a walk around the park. My little park is managed by a larger park, Ichetucknee Springs, 15 miles away. Each Monday I have to take my weekly paperwork to Ichetucknee (pronounced Itch*tuck*knee, if you were wondering). So that is what I did. I made a stop at a local farm supply store to get the valve stem on the mower tire replaced on the way.
I also stopped at the bank and chatted with my favorite bank ladies while I picked up the deposit slips. When I got to Ichetucknee, I handed over my paperwork, said hi to everyone in the office, and made copies of some brochures for the park (they have a big fancy xerox machine!) I headed back to Troy and picked up lunch on the way.
When I got back to the park I met with an employee and completed some paperwork with her.
Just when I thought that I was done with indoor work... the afternoon rain started. I was back in the office to start working on monthly reports. I'll save those details for Wednesday.
When my afternoon relief came in, I chatted with her for a bit, set her up with a few projects for the evening and headed home.
The lower photos will show the amazing progress that the spring has made and the afternoon rain on the water. There are still only two dry steps on the stairs, but the color of the water has improved drastically since yesterday and more of the ground is visible through the water. Tomorrow will be more interesting, I promise!

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Miner Fan said...

The spring looks like its pushing back the suwanee river water! Hurrah for the spring.