Thursday, July 2, 2009

Throwback Thursday

I am off today. I am going to spend the day out of the park so here are some unused images from the past weeks to tide you all over until I get back to work. The first photo is of two Oakworm Moths... I'm sure you can guess what they were doing. The next is another Bagworm Moth similar to the one I saw on Tuesday.
I like to see the different construction materials and designs that they use to build their little houses. The third photo is yet another unidentified frog (still can't find my guide book, grrr). The last two photos are more rain photos. Rain on the spring and rain on a coontie plant. Coontie is a Florida native plant that was often used by native people as well as early settlers. Its name is a Seminole word for "flour root." Parts of the plant can be pounded to make an edible, starchy, flour-like substance. We have coontie all over the park, but this plant is one by our entrance sign. Most of the leaves where killed by a very frosty winter but they have been growing back beautiful, pale green leaves in full force.

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