Friday, September 18, 2009


I started my day off very excited to go riding today. Because of our busy and often conflicting schedules this summer, we really haven't ridden much at all. It has been more than a month for me, at least. Now our busy summer season is at an end and we have to get the horses ready to be in a parade next month. I was running a little late, but I was really impressed with the sunrise this morning. It was beautiful and I fought hard to keep myself from pulling off the road to take pictures on my drive. I did catch one photo while I was waiting for a gap in traffic to pull out.
After we got to the barn and fed the horses, we started leading them out to the area where we groom and saddle them. The horse that I ride, Amigo, was acting like a child who didn't want to get up for school. He tried to push past me when I put his halter on and was really dragging his feet when I walked him over. He also puffed out his stomach as far as he could when I tried to tighten the girth or the belt that holds the saddle on, a classic horse trick which makes the saddle too loose. We pulled it together though and got back into the swing of things. I led him out to the field and tightened the girth again when he let his guard down. I got on him with no trouble and we began walking around a bit while the others got on their horses. I don't think I was on Amigo for more than 15 minutes when something spooked him and he started to run off while bucking along the way. I felt that I had almost gotten him calmed down when I hit the ground. I got right up. I didn't hit the ground hard at all because the horses are very short and I kind of rolled when I landed. Amigo stood there for a minute and then continued walking away. I caught him while I began noticing that my arm hurt. By the time I walked back to the rest of the group, I was very lightheaded and my arm was really hurting. I tied Amigo to a tree so that I could sit down and someone brought me some ice. The other riders stuck around and played some polo. I was disappointed that my ride ended so fast. They looked like they were having a lot of fun. They were using beach balls and brooms. As silly as it sounds, its great practice for the horses. They can get used to the strange actions and motions around them to desensitize them a bit so that they don't spook so easily. It also forces the rider to neck rein, or use one hand to steer. Not all of the horses respond as well to neck reining and they will have to so that one day, their riders can carry a flag in one hand for the parades.
While I watched the fun and iced my arm, it began to feel a little better. I realized, however, that it is not easy to take photos with one hand. It was especially difficult because I am very right handed and I injured my right arm. We all talked about my fall a bit and I don't really understand how I hurt my arm. I am not at all sore from hitting the ground and I fell to the left but hurt my right arm. The best guess that we have it that I caught or hit my arm on the saddle on the way down. After we put the horses away, my arm was feeling better. It wasn't bruised or swollen, but some motions really hurt. I decided that I wanted to get it checked out to be safe. My manager drove me to the ER and I got X-Rays. It is broken! I have a small fracture in my ulna. They gave me a CD of the X-Ray to give to the orthopedist next week. I think its awesome to be able to see it, so I thought I would share it with all of you. For now, I have a sling and a fiberglass splint. On Tuesday, I will see another doctor who will likely put a cast on me. It will definitely be an interesting next 3-6 weeks while I heal. I hope hope hope that I am well enough to ride in the parade next month. Cross your fingers for me, it hurts if I do it.


Anonymous said...

Cool xray. I hope you are feeling better and it doesn't give you too much problem.

Lorena said...

Ohes noes!

Please call us if we can help you with anything!


Sarah Oakes said...

OH poor Amy! You tell Isaac that he better take good care of you!