Sunday, October 18, 2009

Last Day

Today is the last day of my four day weekend. It was a terrific weekend and I spent today just relaxing. I did take a walk around the yard though to get some photos to share. The weather is still cold, but thankfully, not as cold as Saturday. One of the frogs that I photographed Thursday night was still on the porch. It was high up, near the ceiling, obviously struggling to keep warm. I hope it ate well on Thursday.
I found a few other chilly critters around the yard. Every spider and insect that I saw did not budge. They were frozen in place. Not literally frozen, of course, but too cold to move. A Carolina Satyr was perched on the house. The Golden Orbweaver in the next photo seemed like she wasn't even clinging to her web deliberately anymore. Finally, the Garden Orbweaver was just there.
I walked past our fire circle from last night. There was a neat pile of ash that was still emitting a little bit of warmth.
In the back yard, I saw a pretty little group of flowers. When I bent down to take a closer photo, I smelled something wonderful and realized what this plant was. It was mint! I checked the stem to see that it was square shaped to be sure of its identity as a mint. I thought that it would be easy to find a mint ID resource online, but unfortunately I do not have a name for this lovely mint. I wish I could share the smell with you along with the view. Maybe you can find some mint gum or tea to smell while you view the blog.
I took a few more shots of the sky and the setting sun before heading inside to blog. Tomorrow I will be back at work.

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