Saturday, October 17, 2009

Skipped Day

If you follow the blog everyday, I apologize for missing a day. I had a thoroughly enjoyable day off filled with friends, good food, and a nice warm campfire. That is why I didn't make it to the computer to blog. I am going to make it up to you though, I did spend some time at work as well. Here is the recap of that part of the day.
I had taken the weekend off and my co-worker was covering the park for me. He wasn't able to make it to the park until later in the morning on Saturday though, so I went in and opened the park and helped visitors until he arrived. It was a COLD morning. Temperatures were probably in the low 50's. I was glad to find that my winter work coat had sleeves that would fit over my cast. I took a walk around the park when I got there and the light from the rising sun was surrounding every tree in a shiny golden glow. I had foolishly left my camera at home thinking that I wouldn't be at the park long and probably wouldn't want it. I stopped by the house to pick it up when I drove out to the entrance to add honor envelopes. As soon as I got back to the park, the sun had risen above the clouds and the magnificent lighting was gone... lesson learned. The sky was still beautiful and the cold, whipping wind was making unusual streaks on the surface of the water.
On the walkway to the spring, I saw a few insects, but none of them were moving. They were all too cold. This bee looked like the cold hit him by surprise, I'm sure he was anxious for the sun to warm him. The big caterpillar was motionless as well.
The squirrels were not frozen, they were hurrying about and very busy gathering and eating. When the wind would stop, the only noise was the repetitive chewing of the squirrels in almost every tree. Around the base of the Hickory trees, there were opened nutshells everywhere.
At the river, the water level is still creeping down, bit by bit. When I was done with my walk, I checked in some divers, finished up the paperwork, and then spent the rest of the morning with in coming visitors until I was set free by other staff. I went home to start preparing food for our get together, and was halfway through when I had to go back to work. The volunteers at Adams Tract had some dogs bothering visitors at the camp. The dogs had already been taken back to their owner twice when they returned again. I picked up the dogs and returned them once more. The rest of the day was work-free and wonderful.

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