Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Turkeys and Urinals

Yep, turkeys and urinals, oh and another spider. That's what I have to show for my day today. I'm so glad that its Wednesday and my week is over. I am looking forward to some days off.
This morning, I did my normal drive around the park and saw that my co-worker had already arrived and taken care of the gate and the flags. On my drive down the service road, I slowed for a group of turkeys who were milling about. I proceeded to the office and took care of the paperwork. The last two estimates that I was waiting on for the new buoys had come in and I e-mailed them to my manager. Now I just have to wait for all of the official permissions to be granted, then we can order new buoys! I still had not received a call to tell me that a water test kit has arrived, but my list of stuff to buy in Lake City was growing and growing. The park was in great shape and there wasn't much to do aside from projects that were waiting on supplies. I decided to go ahead with my trip to town even if I couldn't pick up the water test while I was there.
I asked the workers at the park today to take the leaky urinal off of the wall in the men's room to find out why it was leaking. I wanted to know what parts and supplies we would need for that project. They found a gasket in very sorry shape. I put the soggy, stinky mess into a baggy to take with me for comparison. I also snapped a quick photo in case I needed a visual reference.
In Lake City, I had a long list of errands. I had accumulated a list of supplies needed for both Adams Tract and Troy because for two weeks I have known that a trip to Lake City was coming... eventually. I was able to take care of most of the items at Lowes. I also made a quick stop at Wal-Mart for the strangest thing that I have ever bought for the park, pantyhose. The dryer at Adams Tract needed something to catch the lint. I am not a fan of pantyhose and did not have any on hand so I spent a whopping 33 cents for a pair. I had to go to a specialty plumbing store to find the gasket for the urinal, another *high* priced item at 50 cents. I was very surprised that neither Lowe's nor Home Depot had supplies for urinals. My last stop was Tractor Supply for blades for the finishing mower. I will be returning them on my next trip to Lake City though, they were not exactly right. I called the park to make sure that my long awaited water test call had not come and found out that the tractor part I dropped off yesterday for repair was ready for pick up. I headed back to the park and picked up the part on the way.
When I got back to the park and got my new purchases put away, I handed off the gasket and caulk to the workers in the park. GRRRR for plumbing projects, one trip to the store is NEVER enough! They installed the gasket and went to reinstall the urinal only to find another leak that had been "repaired" years before with duct tape. Now I have to start searching for another urinal part. I know where I will start my search this time.
I walked over to the restrooms to see the issues in person. While I was there, I saw a beautiful, black and white jumping spider. Its fangs looked green! When it realized that I was looking at it, it tried to hide above the fire hydrant box on the front of the restrooms, but I still got a photo. You can see a little bit of iridescence on the sides of its fangs, but I wish you could have seen it as I did initially.
The rest of the day was spent doing paperwork for the purchases that I had made. I had four receipts and eight piles of paperwork at the end of it all. I also gave the fax machine a good workout before I headed home to gladly start my weekend.


idyllicchick said...

I love the turkeys! I really, really do. And not just because I consider them all My Birthday Turkeys. =)

Have a good weekend, Ranger Amy!

Ranger Amy said...

I thought I saw one with a pink tutu tucked under her feathers! Thank you!