Friday, November 20, 2009

Night Hike

Today was day off number two.  I went to Gainesville today to see the doctor again about my arm.  I am now free of all slings, splints and casts.  I don't even need any physical therapy.  I am done having a broken arm!!  I have been released to ride horses again and I only go back to the doctor for a final checkup in January.  What a relief!  It is much easier and faster to type with two hands!
I spent the majority of the day in Gainesville running errands after my appointment.  When I got home I still had nothing to blog and only another 45 minutes with any sunlight.  I headed out with my camera for a short walk around the yard.  I had to check in on my porch residents.
The rest of the photos are a little dark.  The sun was setting so the light was not ideal.  The flash washed out the colors too much though and I liked the effect of the darker colors in this series of photos.  I went without the flash and made the most out of the light that I had.
The leaves do change colors in Fall in Florida, you just have to look closely to see it happening.  It isn't a vibrant, sweeping color change like it is up north.  I enjoy the subtlety.
The mint that I found last month has dried out.  It looks different, but its still very pretty.
Do you remember the Showy Rattlebox?  It is drying out and rattling now, thanks to the hard pod and the dry little seeds.


Cathy said...

I love how shiny the inside of the pod is, reminds me of some seashells I have found...

Ranger Amy said...

It is shiny in there! Its strange how pretty it is inside when the outside is so drab and moldy and gross.