Friday, December 11, 2009

Horsin Around

Today was day off number two and I spent the morning at the barn with the Cracker Horses and my fellow riders.  We were getting ready for a local Christmas parade that we will be participating in tomorrow, weather permitting.  We went for a quick ride to get the horses out and moving on their usual exercise day.  When we got back, we added decorations to the horses' breast collars and made sure that the horse trailers were stocked with everything that we will need tomorrow.
Keep your fingers crossed that the weather will be warmer than today and that the forcasted rain decides to stay away.  Here are some sneak peaks of the festive horsiness that you will see tomorrow.

1 comment:

Linda said...

Please tell that horse to be nice to my girl this time or I'll have to send some of Daddy's coal for its stall. Be sure that there are no prickles in those decorations that could lead to any bad horsey behavior. We'll look forward to photos of a happy parade day!