Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Oddments

Today was my first day off of the week.  It was peaceful, mostly.  I did have a couple of calls from work and I decided to drive over to Adams Tract to make sure that everything is in order while there is no volunteer there.  Our new volunteers will be arriving on Sunday, I checked in with them today as well.  I took my camera along with me to Adams Tract and started to take photos of some interesting fungus when I realized that I did not take the memory card out of the computer before I took my camera.  I snapped some photos with my cell phone camera, but they were sub par at best.  I didn't go and see the river today, but I checked the levels from the USGS Real-Time Data online from home.  It looks like the river stayed still today, maybe it will drop again next week. 
Here are some pretty images that have not yet been viewed from this past week.  The first is everyone's favorite tree.  Its directly across the Suwannee River from Troy and it looks like it might start walking towards us any minute.  I have shown you this tree a few times before.

This bright fungus seemed to be an extension of the wavy grain of the wood.  It also sort of reminds me of ruffled potato chips.

Have I mentioned that I love the fog on top of the spring?

I found this interesting little plant on the river bank.  I still haven't found an identity for it.  It was a very spindly little plant with just a few damaged leaves and several of these balloon pods.  Each pod had one little pea sized seed inside.

Here is another seed pod that I know all too well.  This plant flowered all over the park and its seeds are hitchhikers.  They grab onto my clothing and follow me home each day... which is why it is ALL OVER the park!

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Lorena said...

I really do love that tree - I think it's because it makes me imagine it might really be an Ent, come to the edge of the water to test the temperature with his toes.