Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Missing the Park

Today was a frustrating day.  Like yesterday, I was not in the park for very long.  I had to repeat many of yesterday's steps, including the trip to Ichetucknee because of the end of the month paperwork.  When I returned to the park, I had to leave again.  I had intended to finally take a mandatory yearly water sample at the well at Adams Tract, but had to put that off again. I had a message on the answering machine that required me to leave the park again and stay away for much longer than I deemed necessary.  I can't say many nice things about my day today, so I will share the only two photos that I got while I was in the park this morning and hope for a better day tomorrow.  I guess not everyday can be a day at the park.

The leaf is another type of Smilax, like the berry photo from Sunday.  This is one of the prickly types but I like the unique shape of its leaves.  Apparently something else appreciated the shape of the leaf as well.  This may have been the cocoon of a leaf rolling caterpillar or a spider's tent.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you had a trying day, Amy - but I'm proud of you for still finding and appreciating the beauty around you. There is so much!