Friday, December 4, 2009


I went riding today!  It was my first time on a horse since September 18th.  It was great.  The last time I rode, we were still going as early as possible to try to beat the heat somewhat.  Today we were bundled up and the horses were growing their winder coats.  They are so warm and fuzzy when its cold.  Amigo had the longest fur on his legs compared to the other horses.

It was drizzling a little bit on the way to the barn.  I looked at the weather radar and saw that we would have a gap in the rain for a little while.  I hoped that it would stay dry while we rode.  It did, for the most part.  On our way back, it started to rain a little but the tree canopy blocked most of it.  It was really  nice to be on a horse again.  I had a great time.  Amigo only spooked twice.  Unfortunately, I started to get a migraine just as we arrived at the barn.  This just isn't my week.  Next week will be better!

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