Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do-Over Day

Sorry to disappoint my loyal readers.  Thursday didn't quite go as planned.  We had outdoor activities planned for our day off and they were canceled by 5.5 inches of rain.  It stormed all day long and also left me without an internet connection until 1:30pm the next day.  If I hadn't closed the spring on Wednesday, I definitely would have closed it Thursday.  The rain that hit us also covered everything north of us through Georgia.  It looks like we will stay muddy for a little longer.
I closed the park on Thursday so that our scheduled closer could get home before all of the roads were flooded.  I tried to drive through the park to make sure that everyone was out and I couldn't make it down the park drive.  It was flooded.  I closed the gate and drove down the service road to the office and had to cross quite a few deep puddles.  When I got to the office, I left a note for my coworkers, who would be in on Friday morning.  I left some signs by the door and asked them to check the park drive when they came in and to hang the sign notifying visitors that the park was temporarily closed because of water on the drive if needed... It was needed.  Stay tuned for more flood photos.  For now, here are some leftovers from last week.

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