Friday, January 22, 2010

Wet Park

Today was my second day off.  I stayed home and cleaned my house and waited for the internet connection to be restored.  In the afternoon, I took my dog for a walk and took a look at the water on the road from the rain that we had yesterday.  There is still too much water on the park drive to allow visitors in the park.  Not only is the spring closed for swimming and diving, but now no visitors at all can come to the park.  Fortunately, it doesn't usually take long for the water to soak into the ground and for the road to dry up.  It should be fine in a day or two.  Here is what it looked like.  There is almost knee-deep water covering the lowest part of the entrance road.  It covers the natural space median and the exit road off to the left as well.

We made our way back up the road and headed over to look at the nature trail.  There where frogs chirping everywhere.  I'm sure that they were loving all of the puddles that had formed all over the place.  We also came across an unusual fungus.  I have seen this fungus before, but I never knew what it was.  I looked it up and found out that it is called a Columned Stinkhorn.  I assumed that it was smelly (though I didn't check it out) because it had attracted ants and flies.  The smell is meant to attract insects who will then carry the Stinkhorn's spores elsewhere.  When I found out what this one was called, I also answered another question that I have had for a while.  Do you remember the pointy, red mushroom that I have photographed before?  It is another member of the Stinkhorn family. 

When we arrived at the nature trail, we found it under water as well.  There where just as many noisy frogs too.

There were also just miscellaneous puddles everywhere.  Every low spot was full of water.  I think tomorrow will be another quiet day at the park.

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Lorena said...

All I really have to say is... "wow"!