Sunday, January 10, 2010


I didn't think it could get any colder.  I am in Florida after all.  It did.  Even with the faucets dripping, the waterline at the barn froze.  When I made my drive around the park this morning, I saw that none of the barn faucets were dripping anymore.  There was no damage done, when I went back to check in the afternoon, the drip flow had resumed.  I turned them all up to more of a steady flow than a drip.  I spent another day inside, busying myself with paperwork and printing sunset/sunrise time calendars and any other little inside task I could find.  I am really looking forward to Thursday when we are supposed to thaw out again for a day or two.  It would also be really nice if one of the parks that I am associated with would do a prescribed burn.  I would really enjoy a nice big fire to warm me up.  It was another very quiet day at the park and I left as soon as my relief arrived.  I don't have much to tell you today, but here are the icy photos that I took this morning.  I love the way my new macro lens made the ice crystals look like sugar.

The water has crept back a little more.  I also noticed that the water still on the dock is clear.  That's good news, the spring is trying to push out the tannic water.


Heidi H said...

I guess the up side to the cold is the great pictures.

Ranger Amy said...

You are right, there are a lot more photo ops of frosty dead plants than there would have been of 60 degree dead plants. LOL