Monday, January 11, 2010

Muddy Monday

It was, yet another cold morning here in north central Florida!   It was a beautiful morning though.  The sun was shining and making all of the frost sparkle.  It was also very foggy, which I love.  I made my drive around the park and opened the gate.  I drove through the barn area and saw that the faucets were still flowing.  When I arrived at the office, I didn't even unlock the door.  It was still early and foggy so I headed over to the cabin and then down to the river.  The rising sun paints so many colors onto the spring.  The usual cabin porch view was nice this morning.  I was surprised to see how much the river had dropped again.

Down at the river, there were more frosty and foggy views.

After I took care of paperwork and my coworkers helped me to unload some chairs from my truck and return them to the cabin.  We took a look at the spring dock from the cabin window and it looked like it was out of the water or at least close.  We walked down to the dock together and saw that the water really was off of the dock.  It was JUST below the top surface of the deck.  It had left a thick layer of muddy silt remaining on the surface, but it was still damp so it would be easier to clean.

I snapped a couple more photos of the remaining fog too.

I ran my usual Monday errands and talked to my coworkers at Ichetucknee.  When I returned, my coworkers at Troy had finished cleaning off the spring dock.  It looked great. 

It really feels like a clear spring is not too far away.  Warmer weather is right around the corner as well.  We are supposed to see gradually higher temperatures starting on Thursday.  I am looking forward to it and I think the turtles are too.  They were grateful for a little sunshine this afternoon.  They worked hard to climb up on the steep bank to catch some warming sun rays.  I'm sure they are ready for warm weather and their usual perches to be out of the water.  The turtles and I want the same things.
How many turtles do you see in this photo?  (Remember that you can click the photo and enlarge it in flicker.)

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