Monday, January 25, 2010

More Water Monday

The park drive was completely clear of water this morning.  I stopped to pick up more fallen branches and then headed back towards the gate.  I took down the 'water on road' sign and put up the flags.  When I got to the office, I emptied the rain gauge... more than a half inch.  I checked the water level on the computer next, it had again come up another foot.  I stayed in the office and completed my end-of-the-week paperwork.  I wasn't anxious to see the water.  When I had done all that I needed to in the office, I finally headed out for a walk.  The sky was beautiful today.  It was nice and sunny, even though it was windy, it was still a warm day.  I started at the cabin porch and moved the hose to another rain barrel to drain.  It is becoming the never ending task to drain those barrels.

When I headed down the hill to the river, some green leaves caught my eye.  There isn't much that is still green, so it was a welcome sight.  I liked how the sun shone through the leaves.

If the river comes up much more, it will flow into the flood plain and over the sidewalk.  I won't be able to reach the river dock any more.  I hope we don't get to that point, that will mean a lot of cleaning later.

The buoy line is pushed in again so there is much more water flowing in than out.  Debris is building in the buoy line again.

The floating dock is now floating slightly above the stationary dock.  If the river comes up a few more feet, the stationary dock will be underwater.  The dock that washed up across the river yesterday was still there.  It moved throughout the day though, it may float away by tomorrow.

When I made my way around to the spring side of the park, I didn't even bother going down the walkway.  I knew that it ended in a lot of water on the sidewalk.  I walked down the hillside to take in the full view.  The dock railing is completely submerged now.  If you look closely you can barely make it out under the surface of the water.

I returned to the office, checked in with my coworkers, and headed out to run my Monday errands.  At Ichetucknee, I dropped off some signs that they needed to borrow, I talked to my Manager, I found out that our new buoys for Troy would be arriving today, and I picked up a case of toilet paper.  I went home for lunch when I got back and then headed back to the office for a while.  I made some calls, and talked to my coworkers.  I also captured and relocated a couple of Anoles who had found themselves stuck inside.  They are silly lizards.  I left a little early because I had to be back later to close the park as well.  It was another quiet and uneventful day.


Linda said...

And I thought the last flood was incredible!

Ranger Amy said...

Even though it is becoming a regular occurrence lately, each flood is just a little more amazing than the last.