Friday, February 26, 2010

Calm Before The Storm

My life is about to go through some drastic changes in the coming two weeks.  I am a little nervous about everything coming together in a short amount of time with a house move and a big job move.  I hope it all happens gracefully and easily, but I know that is wishful thinking.  I was off today and only had a couple of work calls and one congratulatory work call.  I ran some errands and even fit in some disc golf.  I am taking a relaxing, peaceful, fun weekend to myself before the great upheaval.  I am staying up late tonight to welcome in some friends and together, we will head to St. Petersburg to see one of our favorite musician perform.  I am looking forward to not thinking about work for the next 24 hours and then diving head first into packing, leaving information for my coworkers and my replacement, and getting to know my new park.
Here are some photos of the course that we played today.  It is a little, privately owned 9-hole course.  A business in town paid for the construction and maintains the course.  I assume that it was put there for employees, but they welcome anyone on the course.  It is a nice, small, quick course.  It was the perfect break between errands today.  We were there as the sun was beginning to set and it was beautiful.

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