Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Today was another beautiful day.  It was even warmer than it was yesterday.  I put up the flags, opened the gate, and drove through the park.  Everything still looked great.  I did notice that the entrance station was out of brochures and we were starting to get low on honor envelopes.  I went to the office and spent some time on the paperwork.  I also did some research on a project that I am working on.  When I finished up in the office, I headed out for a drive.  I took brochures and honor envelopes to the entrance, but I also spent some time walking in the woods.  I startled our regular group of deer.  They were napping in the forest.  They startled me too.  I was in that area because I had been there Thursday with our district biologist and found a yellow-flowering vine that was about to bloom.  I was hoping that it had opened, but it hasn't yet.  It is called Yellow Jessamine.  I will have to check it again in a few more days.

I drove by the barn and noticed that the lizards had begun to emerge again.  They were soaking in the warming sun rays, just like me.  This fence lizard looked so happy to be warm.

In the woods, I saw a VERY large Palmetto.  It was beginning to grow a tall stalk in the middle.  Its individual palm fronds were so big that they each folded in the middle instead of making a flat, rigid fan shape.

The best discovery while I was out was the first Wild Plum that I saw in bloom this year.  By next month, the park will be covered with the tiny white blossoms.  The bees found this early bloomer first and were really enjoying it.  The flowers have such interesting structures.  This tree will produce tiny plums later this year.  They are about the size of grapes and are so so bitter.  The first photo is with my camera's normal macro setting.  The last two are with the 10X macro lens as well.

It was another half day for me.  I have almost used up my overtime hours.

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