Monday, March 29, 2010

Settling In

Today was my second day off of the weekend.  It rained pretty steadily all day long which kept me indoors and focused on the projects of the day.  We were working on organizing and unpacking.  After a run to the dumpster last night, we had space cleared to open more boxes and put our lives back in order.  I spent the majority of the day in our home office.  The closet has become our craft and game closet and I was able to empty several boxes, filling that closet.  I also filled a bookshelf in the office with photo albums, field guides, and other reference books from college and job trainings.  I emptied about twelve boxes today which felt like a big accomplishment.  For some reason though, it doesn't seem like there are fewer boxes stacked around the house.  I think the boxes are multiplying.  Dozer helped to keep me company (get in my way) all day.  He really loves the carpeted floors in this house.  Bare floors are just not comfortable enough for him and our last house was wall to wall linoleum.  We had to keep a bed for the dog in every room.  Now, some rooms in the house are wall to wall dog bed (aka carpet).

Thought of the Day #88
Did you know that the Florida State Parks are celebrating a 75 year anniversary this year?  In commemoration of the big year, there are some new additions to the Florida State Park web page.  There is page all about the history of Florida State Parks, but each park has some photos and individual historical information.  On the Wekiwa page, you can see the old bath house that use to sit above the spring.  Use the pull down menu to find a little bit of history about your favorite Florida State Park.


Anne said...

Wow! What a lot of parks in Florida! That's great! Maybe my Girl Scout troop should plan a camping spring break to a Florida park sometime.

I visited Highlands Hammock when I was a child: my maternal grandparents moved to Naples before I was born and we visited there quite often. We visited another park too, but I think it might have been an Audubon operated reserve. My husband and I visited John Pennekamp (and went snorkeling) and Bahia Honda when we honeymooned in the Keys, but I had no idea there were so many parks all over the place!

Ranger Amy said...

Florida does have some wonderful state parks. I haven't come close to seeing them all. I have a lot more exploring to do.

cynthia said...

Have you heard from Troy springs? Have they filled your old position yet? Did you have any say in who they replaced you with?