Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

I woke up this morning with a mission in mind.  I was intent on doing some yard work and exterior maintenance on the house.  The Oak Trees have been going through another big leaf drop and it looks like fall all over again.  I started out by hauling some garbage to the dumpster and also a big load of empty boxes to the recycling dumpster.  I fueled up the leaf blower while I was near the shop and I picked up a ladder.  I dropped off my first load of supplies and then went back to the shop to get the mower.
I got on the roof first.  I cleaned out the vent for the dryer which was getting full of lint and not allowing my dryer to dry as well.  I also blew all of the leaves off of the roof and out of the gutters.  When I was done on the roof, I mowed.  The yard doesn't look that much better.  I think I will need to mow the leaves again one or two more times before the grass is able to really thrive.  Once I was done blowing dust around with the mower, I blew off the porches, walkways, and the driveway.  I was glad to get so much done and I am really looking forward to the next time I mow because it will really improve that much more.
I was having too much fun mowing and leaf blowing today.  I forgot to take any pictures.  I looked back into some of my old photos though to find some images that you might enjoy.  The first one is a view that I'm sure you will remember if you read the blog when I was at Troy.  This is a foggy morning view from the river dock.
IMG (48)

I thought I would include the usual amount of plant life and animal life as well.
 Misc 281
The last photo is a Sherman's Fox Squirrel.  It was one that I saw often between Troy and Adams Tract.  They are more common here at Wekiwa and I hope that I will be able to "catch" another one for you at some point.  They are interesting to me because they are much bigger than the ordinary Grey Squirrels that we haven an abundance of.  The also vary greatly in their color patterns.
Thought of the Day #74
It was nice to do some park rangery things today like using the mower and the leaf blower.  Those are activities that I really enjoyed at Troy and I don't get to do enough of here at Wekiwa.  The mower was the same brand that I used at Troy, but it was a different model.  It was a little smaller which was nice because I could easily reach the top of the deck with my feet.  I had to stretch my feet out and use my tip toes so that my legs didn't dangle from the high seat on the Troy mower.  Eventually, a volunteer made a step for the mower at Troy so that we could all sit comfortably.  The smaller mower was not as powerful though, I would not have had so many leaves still in my yard if I had been using the Troy mower.  There are other mowers to choose from here at Wekiwa though.  Maybe next time I will try a different one in my yard.  It will take me a while, but I hope to get to know all of the equipment at Wekiwa, one driver seat at a time.


Linda said...

Did you find any toads to blow off your roof? ;-)

Ranger Amy said...

My leaf blower met with no hoppers.