Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stormy Tuesday

Today was my usual day off.  We had considered going fishing, but the hot and sticky weather made us decide against it.  Instead, we stayed inside and even had someone come over to inspect our air conditioner to make sure that it is ready for the summer.  It needs to have its coils cleaned and some loose fan blades are making an irritating noise, but all is well other than those small issues.
In the early afternoon, a storm arrived.  The rumbling thunder came first.  Soon after, there was lightening and more thunder.  One giant FLASH-BOOM later, shook us.  The power flashed off and on again.  It was even powerful enough that the phone rang once!  I was really glad for the surge suppressors that we installed less than a month ago on our good TV and the computer.
I went out once today to run a few errands.  There were tree branches and leaves coating all of the roads and neighboring yards from the storm.  One store's lighted sign at the road was laying in shards around its posts.  It was either struck by lightening or a surge made it burst.  It was really something.  The storm didn't last long, but it was intense.  What a great day to be inside!
I did get out for just a minute to take some photos.  I had to wait a few minutes for my foggy lens to clear, but I captured some lovely rain drops that had remained on the Coral Honeysuckle.

I also spotted a Regal Jumping Spider who was enjoying the shelter of my porch.  I know that most people would, but I don't mind sharing my porch with this beautiful spider.  It won't leave webs all over the place, but it will pounce on any other insect invaders.
Thought of the Day #9
Another reason that I have enjoyed blogging is the journal that it  has become.  It is so nice to have a reference when I am at work as to when I did something.  My time sheet is submitted monthly and not only do I record my time, but also a module number that reflects how my time was spent.  There is a code for prescribed fire, park maintenance, training, working with volunteers, helping park visitors, etc.  I will admit that I don't always stay on top of filling out my time sheet regularly, but it is easy to look back at the blog at the end of the month and know what I have been doing all month.


Afflicted Life said...

Absolutely love nature photography. spiders specifically. what settings did you use to take this spider?
I just took one yesterday of a spider that I haven't identified yet.
would you know?
absolutely great blog. keep up the beautiful work.

Ranger Amy said...

Thanks for your comment. In the interest of time (as most of my photos were taken on work time) I often cheat and use the auto settings function on the camera. This spider was taken with auto settings and using the macro focus. On all of my photos, if you click the photo you will be directed to the Flickr page. On the bottom right, in blue, is a link to view the camera properties. That will tell you every possible setting that was used.
I think the spider that you found is a Spotted Orbweaver.
Thanks again!

Afflicted Life said...

I thought it might be an orb weaver. I had looked at them while trying to identify a fishing spider earlier this year: http://afflictedlife.blogspot.com/2010/06/in-kitchen-this-morning.html
I really love the wildlife. You have a great job to be so in it all the time. I will definitely keep an eye on your pictures. quite beautiful.