Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lazy Day

I am off this weekend.  I spent a lazy day at home today.  It was pretty uneventful.  I served as a pillow for my lap dog, a Great Dane named Dozer.  I did make it out just before a rain storm to catch some photos.  I found some flowers in bloom and plenty of insects enjoying those flowers.
I am amazed by the staying power of the Scarlet Milkweed near my front porch.  Each individual flower doesn't last more than a week, but when one fades away, another is right behind it to takes its place.  The Ants just love these flowers.  There must be some sweet nectar inside.  I caught one Ant diving head first into a flower.

At the end of my driveway, I found a plant that I had never seen before.  I thought that the little pods would open into flowers and planned on checking back in a day or two.  When I looked a little closer, I saw that there were some flowers emerging.  I had assumed that the whole pod would open into a flower, but it appears that only a tiny flower pokes out of the top.  Fluffy seeds form in the pod, similar to the seed of a Dandelion.

Nearby, I found another little purple flower.  I think that Florida has a lot of tiny purple flowers.  I also think that I need a better wildflower field guide.

In the back yard, yet another purple flower was still in bloom.  I have photographed this one before, but I still don't have a name for it.  I even showed it to one of our District Biologists.  She thought that it may be a non-native that was planted to attract butterflies.  I haven't seen any butterflies on it yet, but one Bee was loving every single blossom.

Thought of the Day #5
Blogging has done wonders for my organizational skills.  In addition to the journaling of information that I mentioned on another day, I have catalogued my photos extremely well.  For starters, I made sure that the time and date on my camera were set correctly.  I also now have a folder on my computer for every single day of the past year.  Its amazing how often that comes in handy.


Anonymous said...

What flower guide do you use? Is there one that you would recommend for the occasional reference vs. your everday use? Is there a company, author, or publisher that is known for there supperior quality as a reference?
How do you find out what plants are native and which ones are considered invasive for ones area?

Ranger Amy said...

I have Florida Wild Flowers and Roadside Plants. It is probably great for the casual user and many of the commonly found plants are in it. I have found it lacking for more extensive use. The most important aspect in selecting a good field guide of any type is to be sure that it covers your geographical region. A book on Florida Wildflowers is going to be more useful to me than a book on US Wildflowers. When choosing a new field guide, I usually ask my collegues what books they use and also consult the reviews. I never get all the books by one author or series because no one person or company is the best at all groups of living things.
For native vs exotic plants, I usually use the FL Exotic Pest Plant Council's webpage. It is likely that other states have a similar organization or extension office that handles such matters.

Anonymous said...

I think your third and fourth photos would make awesome 1000+ piece puzzles!

Kitchen Benchtops said...

Its amazing and interesting!