Tuesday, June 23, 2009


My whole morning was spent in the office today. I did my morning paperwork and then met with a new employee. Near the end of the meeting, the power went out in the park. I reported the power outage after the meeting. I had more computer work to do, but I was forced to ignore it and go play outside. No power means no computer work, I didn't mind one bit.

There is a long, switchback sidewalk that snakes down the hill to the spring. We keep the sidewalk clear of leaves and sand normally. The water level has been so high that the water had crept up the walkway and brought silt and leaves and mud along with it. Now that the water is receding, there is a lot of debris to clear from the newly uncovered sidewalk.

While I worked I encountered a crowd of toads. Frogs and toads had found the warm shallow water on the sidewalk an ideal place to leave their eggs this spring. The eggs hatched, the tadpoles grew, and now there are toads EVERYWHERE! I enjoy seeing all of their different colors and patterns, but it was difficult to clean the sidewalk and dance around the little hoppers at my feet. I had to use the leaf blower carefully to avoid sending tiny toads flying off of their feet.
I'm glad there was no one in the park to witness all of this, because I'm sure I looked ridiculous.

After blowing off the whole walkway and some of the parking lot, the Florida sun caught up to me and I was ready for air conditioning. Fortunately, the power came back on and my office was cool. I finished up loose ends there and headed home. We'll see what tomorrow will bring.


Carmen said...

I think I might have paid to see the frog blowing. We both had a good laugh at the mental image.

Also, we love the pic with the blower; it looks like a first-person shooter game. "Frog Blower II: Wrath of the Black & Decker" (video game titles always sound better as sequels).

Ranger Amy said...

Ha ha... OK, next year's project is 365 Days In a Park Ranger Video Game. I hate it when the frogs go flying because I love frogs... but I have to admit that it does still make me laugh. I love it when parents come in with kids early in the morning and I can ask the kids to catch all the frogs and put them in the planted area above the walkway. The only thing better than frogs are kids chasing frogs!