Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh Well

In addition to Troy Springs State Park, I also oversee a river camp on the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail. DEP in cooperation with Suwannee River Water Management District and many other city, county, and private entities have partnered to create a user-friendly way to explore the wilderness of the Suwannee River. River camps which are only accessible to the public by boat are conveniently located approximately one day's paddle from each other. Each camp has 5 screened platforms complete with a ceiling fan and a water faucet right outside. There are restrooms with showers at each camp as well. One of my responsibilities is to maintain the well and the chlorination system. I have been having trouble keeping the chlorine levels where we want them so I had to call in the experts. I was able to get my questions answered and the problem solved. I really learned alot from that visit. After the water guys left, I took a walk around the camp and spotted two quail in the tall grass. They are quick little things! I didn't get a great picture, but I wanted to share the experience anyway. I love seeing the quails near my house.
Today was a good day! The water level of the spring has been going down a little faster every day. Today, I could see the floor of the spring dock again! I was glad to get the well problem solved at the river camp. I trained a new employee who will close the park for me 3 nights a week for the next month or two. The icing on the cake is that its Wednesday. Wednesday is my Friday. I am off Thursday and Friday, my weekend has begun!
I will blog something on my days off. It wouldn't truly be "365" days through the eyes of a ranger if I skipped 2 days a week. What do you want to see on my days off? Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

I want to know what rangers really do on their days off! ;)

Carmen said...

Well, your day off is your day off, but if you happen to visit any of the many area springs on your day off, that would be nice.