Monday, June 22, 2009

Its a Monday

Mondays mean paperwork. I spend most of the morning in my office compiling the week's paperwork and putting everything in order. I also usually have e-mails and phone calls to respond to from business that arose over the weekend. I spend most of my morning trying to focus on the office and not on the happenings outside of my window.
I have to take my paperwork each week and at the end of every month to a larger park 15 miles away that manages Troy Springs. Today, I returned in time for lunch and then decided to start a little project. I cleaned the glass, filters, and changed the water of the fish tank in our visitor center. We have one young catfish at the moment, but the tank is a work in progress.
It was another quiet, uneventful day at the park. I spent more time than I would have liked in the office today. I made up for it when I closed the park this evening. I had some company when I closed the park and we enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the park. We spotted one of the young hawks, but the photos didn't turn out well... it was already getting dark. We also enjoyed a beautiful sunset!
Good night park.


Anonymous said...

Dark??? What's that? JK... I'm enjoying your blog!

Ranger Amy said...

The dark image is the view through my office window. The dark area was the office that I was wishing I was not in.