Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Misty Morning

There was a heavy fog in the air this morning. It lasted for a long time too. Everything looks completely different when its foggy out, its almost like a dream. Its what every morning should be, soft light and soft colors to gently ease you into the day. These are some of the soft and serene views that I enjoyed on my morning drive through the park roads.
When I got to the office, I jumped right in to the paperwork. I had to do the daily paperwork in addition to finalizing a quarterly volunteer hour report and the document filing that is associated with those tasks. I had a few other things on my To-Do list to take care of and had a few e-mail to answer. When the office work was done, I drove with my co-worker to the local hardware store for a few bolts to fix a rattle noise on the John Deere Gator and to fill our gas cans which fuel the mowers and blowers and things. I dropped him, the gas, and the bolts back off at the park and headed out of town to pick up some supplies. I had to get water sampling bottles from the health department to take the quarterly samples of the well water at Adams Tract. I also had to purchase another sink trap to make the same repair that I did a few weeks ago in a different restroom there at Adams Tract. What are people doing to our sink drains?... Don't answer that, I'd rather not know. When I had everything that I needed, I went to Adams Tract to drop off supplies and to check on a noisy piece of equipment on the septic system.
While I chatted with the volunteers at Adams Tract, a Gulf Fritillary Butterfly would not leave them alone. It fluttered back and forth between them for several minutes. I think maybe the butterfly approves of these new camp hosts.
I of course, stopped for a few obligatory photos of the wildflowers along the service road on the way out. When I got back to Troy, I answered some e-mail and did the paperwork for the purchases that I had made and headed home, ready to start my weekend.


Understanding Alice said...

I just came across your blog via stumble upon. What amazing pictures! and I am followuing you now, looking forward to reading more about your amazing job

Ranger Amy said...

Thanks, glad you you found me!