Monday, October 5, 2009

Zoom Zoom Splash

It was another cloudy day today, but the clouds meant it today. I was dodging raindrops with a garbage bag over my cast most of the afternoon. It was another very busy day today too, but not with park visitors, just stuff to do. Today started out like any other Monday. While I took care of the daily and end of the week paperwork, another worker walked the park and blew the leaves off of the walkway and parking lot. When all of the morning work was done, we headed to Adams Tract to do some maintenance and prepare for the new volunteers that I was expecting in the late afternoon. We talked about what needed to be done and then I headed out to pick up deposit slips and drop off paperwork at Ichetucknee. While I was at Ichetucknee, I picked up some supplies and made some photocopies. I also heard from the incoming volunteers who were about an hour away. I got back to Troy with just enough time to drop off supplies, pick up some things for the new volunteers, check in some divers, greet some fishermen, and then go meet the volunteers just as it started to pour rain! Fortunately, by the time we were at Adams Tract, the rain took a break so that I could show the new volunteers around and get them situated with their new surroundings. I had only taken one photo by that point and my plan was to stop along the service road at Adams Tract on the way out to photograph some more wildflowers. I got the chance to snap about six so-so frames before the sky just opened up again. I went from dry to soaked standing right next to my truck. I did my best to cover my camera and my cast while I darted into my truck. So much for picture taking. Here is what I ended up with.
I couldn't pass up this beautiful view as I left Adams Tract this morning. This farm field is just outside of the tract. I pulled over, rolled down my window, and took a quick photo.
I liked these tiny little daisies, so did a little bee (or fly? not sure).
I was admiring the droplets of rain on the False Foxglove when the rain started. I was just getting into the groove when my fun was canceled.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this blog not only for the information it gives me, but also your facinating photos. Who knew that looking at bugs would captivate me so much. I always knew I liked scenery and flowers, but love your "critter" pictures whether they are furry, feathered,reptilian, or extraskelital. Thank you so much for sharing your love of nature and your knowledge with us.