Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OH Paperwork!

Today was a rather uneventful day spent almost entirely in my office. I had two other people working with me this morning and there were only three visitors in the park. The other workers got to go out and do all the fun stuff like mowing, leaf blowing, trimming, and restroom light repair while I was stuck in the box. I had to do three reports for two purchases that I made yesterday and the septic repair at Adams Tract on Monday. I prepared the three reports, two copies of each, and faxed them to two different offices. I also did some research into our Operations Manual and Directives to handle another issue. I did some e-mailing, I returned some phone calls, I got some new phone calls, and I tried to wrap everything up. I will have my regularly scheduled days off on Thursday and Friday, but I have also taken the weekend off. I am really looking forward to my long weekend!
Even though I was in the office all day, I still took some time to walk around and see the park. At that point, there were just two fishermen in the park so I decided to go down by the river to see how they were doing. The fish were biting. They were ravenous and really stirring the surface of the water.
I also found one last, solitary Morning Glory still struggling to hold its bloom.
The Bushy Aster is still in bloom here and there. The Kaydid nymph was happy about that.
I found some tiny tiny purple flowers that were so small that the trimmed grass seemed to tower above them.
I loved the way that this Net-winged Beetle matched the leaf that it was sitting on. I wonder if it chose this spot to rest because of the camouflage or if it was a coicidence.
Back at the top of the hill, I found some great things growing out of a couple of decaying logs.
Stay tuned. I don't know yet what my long weekend will hold.

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