Monday, October 12, 2009

Motable Monday

My Monday started off the usual way. I opened the park, did my drive through, and ended at the office to do the end-of-the-week paperwork. I also checked e-mail and made a To-Do list for the other worker in the park today. While I worked, I got a call from our septic system repair place. The part that we needed at Adams Tract had come in and they were letting me know that they would be out to make the repair at some point today. I gave them my cell phone number because I knew that I would be gone most of the day. I left as soon as I could to make sure that I would be around when they came to repair the septic system blower. I did get one photo before I left, the water level is going down, down, down!
I ran my Monday errands and dropped off my paperwork at Ichetucknee. I chatted with my Park Manager for a few minutes and then headed back home for lunch. When I returned to the office, I was a little surprised that I hadn't heard from the septic guys yet. I didn't want to get too involved in any projects in case they called so I did a little e-mailing and checked in with the few visitors that we had. When one couple came in, they told me that they had never been to Troy before and that they were interested in kayaking. I showed them the park and gave them some brochures about the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail. While I was in mid-conversation with them, the septic guys called. They were still going to be another 45 minutes so I had time to finish my discussion with the visitors before heading over to Adams Tract.
I arrived at the gate to the river camp right before the septic guys, perfect timing! I talked to them while they fixed the blower and I simultaneously fed every single fire ant within a 2 foot radius of me. I hate ants. I also chatted with one of the volunteers and answered some questions for her. After the septic guys were done, I wrapped things up with the volunteer and headed towards home. I realized that I had only taken one photo today and decided to look for something on the way out of Adams Tract. Most of the wildflowers had already faded away, but I did find a few.
I love the way that the dead fern looked behind the vibrant Black-eyed Susan. It was the reason that I stopped where I did. I found some nice views afterward there too.
I finally have a name for this flower that I see often. I don't know why Bushy Aster was so hard to find.
This is Blue Mistflower. I have shown it once before when it wasn't open all the way.

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