Sunday, October 25, 2009

Serene Sunday

It was a pretty quiet and uneventful day. It was another cold morning and again, I was met by visitors waiting at the gate when I opened. Today it was just two divers though, not 50 like yesterday. After checking in the first divers and getting morning paperwork out of the way, I walked the park. The Smooth Aster below, is one of the few flowers in bloom around the park. It is challenging to photograph though. The petals are pale purple, but if I use the camera flash or in bright sun, the petals appear white in photos. To capture the purple color, I have to overexpose the image which makes everything else a little darker than I would like.
The sun and fog were working their usual magic around the park and I caught a few more images before another group of 15 divers arrived. The rest of the day, I was just quietly wandering around the park. I talked to a large group a canoers who were glad to be almost done with their adventure. They were not as prepared as they could have been so I gave them some maps and brochures so that their journey next time is more enjoyable. I also busted some teenagers who thought that they could avoid paying the park entrance fee. After another small dive group and very few other visitors came and went, my evening relief arrived and I headed home.

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