Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Turkey Tail

I'll keep it short today.  I didn't get many photos because I was busy running errands in the morning and it was raining in the afternoon.  I also really need to get off the computer and get to work in the kitchen to get ready for Thanksgiving.  There are pies to be made!
After the paperwork was done this morning, I walked to the river to check for Manatees.  No luck.  Mama and calf have moved along.  I did find some beautiful bracket fungi though.  They were such a bright burst of color on such a drab fall day.  I did a little bit of research on this particular fungus and am pleased to share that this one is named Turkey Tail!  The fan shape and color gradation really do resemble the tail feathers of a turkey.  What luck to discover this on the eve of Turkey Day!
IMG_5285After my morning routine was complete and I talked to my coworkers, I headed off to Lake City to run some errands.  I returned some incorrect mower blades and purchased some tires for a wagon that the divers use at Tractor Supply.  I picked up a nitrate water test kit for the yearly water test at Adams Tract from the Health Department.  I stopped at Lowe's for some 2-cycle engine oil and a hose for the water supply for a leaky toilet.  I also stopped at another store to order the correct mower blades before returning to the park.  When I got there, I put away the new supplies, returned a phone call, and took care of my purchasing paperwork.  When that was done, my coworkers loaded supplies and themselves into my truck and we headed to Adams Tract.  There, they installed a roof over the chlorinator at the well.  They did a great job.  It looks like it was part of the original design (I think it should have been).
IMG_5290Back at the park, the rain began.  I talked to my coworkers until it was time to head home.  Now I am off to start cooking.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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