Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Day On The River

Today was my day off.  When I was at Ichetucknee on Monday, seeing the river reminded me that it had been a long time since I had gone kayaking.  My boyfriend, Isaac and I decided to spend the day kayaking together on the Ichetucknee River.  It was a cool day, but that just meant that the river was very quiet.  There was rain in the forecast for the later afternoon so we made sure that we went earlier in the day.  We had a great time and saw some beautiful views.  Here are some of the things that we saw.  I even have a game for you at the end of the blog today.

Now let's play a game of hide and seek.  There is a creature hiding in each of the next three photos.  The same type of creature is in each photo.  If you can find it, post a comment below.  Don't peek at the comments until you have found it!


Anonymous said...

I was very surprised at how well the crane (im sure you'll give us its real name)blended in on the first picture with all the orange and brown tones.

Anonymous said...

Hee Hee I finaly found it a Heron or Egret or one of those type :)
Had to see the last one and then go back .

Linda BEJA said...

I cannot see him in the first one, but was able to pick him out in the second and third. CooL!!

Ranger Amy said...

The Great Blue Heron was so good at hiding that I missed seeing one several times when I was very close to it. At one point, Isaac and I were intently watching one Heron in the distance as we drifted along and another Heron took flight RIGHT next to us. We didn't even notice it until it flew. The Heron in the last picture was a surprise to me. I was focused on the turtle and taking pictures. Then Isaac made me aware of the Heron and I adjusted my shot. The Herons hide well from us, but just imagine being an unsuspecting little minnow, swimming along when a silent beak swoops in above you.

Ranger Amy said...

If you don't see the first Heron, try enlarging the photo by clicking on it. When you arrive at the Flicker page, click the 'All Sizes' button at the top right of the photo.

Look at the Cypress Tree (wide-based tree) at the right of the photo. Now look one wide-based Cypress tree to the left. The Heron's head is just visible behind a root, or a Cypress Knee at the base of that tree.

BIG Linda said...

Amy, while there's usually less foliage in the areas where our herons perch here on the St. Joe River, they can still surprise us, too. Great game!