Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shopping Day

On Monday, I took more photos than I could possibly use.  Today, I took one photo.  I guess it all balances out in the end.  After making my morning drive and completing the paperwork, I took a quick walk around the park.  The water is still creeping upward, we are at about 12.00 feet above sea level. We were at about 8.50 before it started rising.  I took a look at the the spring water and we still have more than four feet of visibility.

The majority of my day was spent at Lowe's with my coworker and a volunteer.  We spent a couple of hours shopping around and collecting items to fulfill a list that was an entire notebook page long.  By the time we left, we had a very full cart and a lumber cart as well.  We have supplies now to keep us busy with projects for at least a month.  I am really looking forward to giving some extra attention to some very deserving parts of the park.  When we returned from our shopping expedition, we unloaded the truck and broke for lunch.  Afterward, I returned several calls and waited on a return call from a tree trimmer to come give an estimate on the removal of some trees at Adams Tract.  When the call finally came, it was too late in the day and we rescheduled.  I am ready to start my weekend!  Because I am short on photos today, here is a video that I recorded on Sunday at the river.  You can hear two birds chattering back and forth and every once in a while, see a fish or turtle disturb the surface of the water.  This is what if feels like to be a park ranger.

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