Friday, December 18, 2009


Its Leftover Friday again! Day off number two was spent doing a little bit of Christmas Shopping. Here are some remnants of Monday's fabulously foggy day and my day at Ichetucknee yesterday. Yesterday's game of hide and seek was so much fun, I included a quick Round Two at the bottom of today's post.

This was on the Ichetucknee and it was a happy mistake.  The camera was not as stable as it should have been and it blurred the image slightly.  It gave the photo a dream-like look though, and I really like it.  It is the Ichetucknee in my imagination.

So here is the game.  The Kingfisher is a beautiful bird that perches above the water and watches for fish.  It will then dive-bomb the water and scoop up a fish, returning to a perch to consume its meal.  They are awesome birds.  In addition to their swift hunting abilities, they are stunningly colored and VERY noisy.  They always let you know that they are around.  They also have an uncanny ability to sense the very second that I am pressing the shutter button on my camera.  They dodge my photos almost EVERY time!  I caught a glimpse of one on the Ichey though.  See if you can spot it.


Anonymous said...

I do think I see it this time.

Anonymous said...

it looks like a cross between a blue jay and a wood duck. cute little critter.- jen

Anonymous said...

Got it! And loved the image with your "special technique".