Saturday, February 20, 2010

Soothing Saturday

I was back at work today, but only for a short time.  I have a lot of overtime from last weeks events to use up while things are slow at the park.  It was nice to go through my usual routine though.  I drove through the park and went to the office.  I filled in the zeros on my paperwork and read through some research done by a park ranger at another park about the history of the land that Troy Springs in on.  He was able to find some deed information and old maps of the area which show the land ownership at the time.  I was never very good in history classes in school, but I find the history of land that I am familiar with absolutely fascinating.  I appreciate history if it is connected to me in some way.  I got caught up on e-mail after I read through the research and headed out for a walk.  The park looked great.  My coworkers have been keeping busy cleaning and improving whatever they can find.  It was just me and the birds in the park.  There were Robins in all of the open grassy areas foraging for berries 'n bugs.

All of the open grassy areas in the park were mowed on my day off.  The grass isn't growing yet, but the mower grinds up the leaves and makes the park look nice and neat.  Some of the sidewalk had been pressure washed and the painted lines and symbols in the parking lot had been re-coated.  The park is looking so nice, it is ready for some visitors!  Things are starting to look brighter though.  The weather is warming up.  It was so nice to be able to turn off those dripping faucets again.  There will be no freezing temps tonight!  There is going to be more spring color any day now.  The Redbuds are trying SO hard to open!

The river has finally started to go down as well.  It will continue slowly, but hopefully steadily.  Now begins the scrubbing of the sidewalk as the muddy water inches away.  I have found that its much easier to clean when there is still water nearby to loosen the dried mud.

One nice thing about the flood water is the awesome reflection that you can see on its surface.  The spindley, naked tree limbs look so dramatic against the bright blue sky.

I went home and then off to play disc golf soon after my walk.  The day only got brighter and warmer.  It was really nice.  Sorry for the quick blog today.  I'll throw in a bonus game.  Can you find the female Cardinal in the photo below?

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