Monday, March 15, 2010

My First Day

My first day as an Assistant Park Manager at Wekiwa Springs went very quickly.  I can't believe that it is already as late as it is.   The move went pretty well.  We got packed and on the road on schedule.  We got everything unloaded at the new house late on Saturday and did the unpacking that was necessary to shower and go to bed.  In the morning, I unpacked some of the kitchen and we tried to hook up the washer and dryer.  After 2 trips to the hardware store, and the majority of the day spent exploring the surrounding area, we still needed to make another trip to the store but we called it a day.  I'm so glad that the hardware store is not 25 miles away from my home anymore.  I dug out my uniform and ironed it and headed to bed.
This morning, I went in to work and went straight into a meeting.  Good communication is important to the Park Manager, and I really appreciate that.  It is nice to have everyone on the same page, especially in a park as big as this one.  I shadowed the other Assistant Park Manager today.  I met several of my coworkers and drove around some of the outer areas of the park.  This is a VERY big park though, and one day was not enough to see everything.  I'm sure there will be a lot more exploring that I need to do.  I am looking forward to what the rest of the week will hold.  I am also looking forward to knowing what I am doing.
So here are some of the sights that I saw today.  I was so busy taking everything in, that I didn't have time to take many photos.  The first one is my new office.  Its not as big as my old office, but I don't have to share it with anyone... I just need to find the box with my frog stapler now.  I do need to make the space mine, but that will come with time.

We went to some other visitor use areas aside from the main park.  We also traveled some of the interior park roads and I saw some of the burn zones that have been burned recently with prescribed fire.  Fire is clearly a focus at this park and it looks like they do it well.  I'm glad to be a part of it.

Another area we visited was a launch area on the river.  The Wekiva River looks like a beautiful river.  I am really looking forward to a paddling day.

So that was my day in a nutshell.  I don't have internet service at the house yet, so I stayed late afterwork to blog.  Because I am blogging earlier than expected, the poll has not closed yet.  Get your vote in, its close!


Anonymous said...

Does the W. river flood like the Suwanee. Is the boat ramp fixed or floating? How is Dozzer adjusting? No picture window at your desk? Enjoy all your new discoveries. - Jen H

Lorena said...

So good to hear you're settling in! And I lied, even though you're just as far away as you were 48 hours ago, we DO miss you already. I'm already eying your brother for a Tuesday trip down! (of course that means he'll get a job tomorrow...)

Ranger Amy said...

The Wekiva River does not flood drastically like the Suwannee River. I don't anticipate having the kinds of issues here that I did at Troy. The boat launch area does not have a floating dock, just a slope to the water.
Dozer is having a little trouble adjusting to city life. He thinks that every car going by must be someone pulling into our driveway. He seems to get more and more settled each day though.
There is no picture window at my desk, but a small window behind where I sit. I will just be sure to keep pretty photos on my desktop.