Friday, March 19, 2010

Red Light, Green Light

Today was even more comfortable than yesterday.  I am getting into the swing of things.  I had a moment this morning when I worried that I might not have enough to do today... that thought didn't last long.  My day was quickly filled like it has been almost everyday this week.  I can't believe that it is Friday already!
I had a few projects that I worked on today.  My manager called and asked me to write and distribute a memo to the staff, keeping them up to date on our uncoming construction project.  I also worked on getting evaluation criteria set up so that the other assistant and I can let staff know how we will be evaluating their performance throughout the year.
While I was working in the office, I had quite a few interuptions.  I think that is something that I am going to have to get accustomed to, I think it will always be that way.  Everywhere I go, I have to be sure that I am reachable.  I think I have that covered.  I carry my personal cell phone, my park issued cell phone and my park radio.  When I am in my office, there is also a landline phone with an intercom system.  Periodlically, people can buzz into my phone and talk to me from any other office in our Administration building.  Its a little strange to suddenly have a voice appearing in my office, but I am getting used to it.

The various activities that I dealt with today when I was called away from the office were usually to help the ranger station.  They needed change at one point, a safe opened at another, and I had to drop some things off there as well.  My coworker and I drove out to the youth camp to see the progress that some of the rangers are making on improving one of the cabins.  I also met with a filming crew that was interested in doing some filming in the park.  I sent them a permit to fill out to get permission for the activities that they are planning.  It was a busy day, but it was nice.  I am the only manager on duty this weekend, so I'm glad I had a day on my own to prepare.
I'm sorry that I have been very off this week with my photo taking.  I keep getting surprised when its suddenly 4:00 and I have taken no photos.  I will try to keep my camera with me in my off time so that I am showing you more of the park.  I have seen a Fox Squirrel in my yard twice now and there are always turkeys around.  I hope that in the coming weeks I will be more comfortable with my job and will be able to turn down my left-brain thinking a little and allow some more of the right-brain to function.  I am missing the creative outlet that photography allows me, but it makes me value times in my job when I get to be creative.

Thought of the Day #97
The Florida Park Service is very much a "service" oriented agency.  Visitor services are important.  Without happy visitors, we don't have money to maintain the land that we are protecting and we aren't accomplishing our mission to provide resource based recreation while preserving, interpreting, and restoring our natural and cultural resources.  I am feeling somewhat removed from the visitor service aspect of the job these days.  Now, my job is more-so to make sure that park staff have the resources that they need to provide good visitor service.


Heidi H said...

How many people work in this park? It sounds like a lot.

Paula said...

I also hope that you are soon going to find the space in your "rangering" to be enjoying the surroundings and visitors to the park. I am sure once you get more in sync with your new duties, you will find yourself right where you feel balanced in all areas. It seems it always takes about two weeks to get into the swing of a new job. You are halfway there! Love your blog..thanks for your time :)

Understanding Alice said...

new jobs, they always do take time to adjust into don't they :) looks like you are doing really well :)

Ranger Amy said...

Heidi, that sounds like a good question for the 'thought of the day'... stay tuned for the answer.
Thanks for the encouragement, Paula and Alice!