Friday, May 28, 2010

Half Day

Because of my late night last night and what will surely be some late days this weekend, I took a half day today.  I had completed all of my pressing projects yesterday and first thing this morning.  The rangers were plugging along at their projects and the park was pretty quiet.  I wrapped up the last of my responsibilities before I left.  I put away some items that I had purchased for exotic plant treatment.  All of those supplies are stored in a Bio shed for use by the Biologists and Rangers working on resource management.

While I was working on bringing the supplies over, a Dragonfly landed on the pull cord to the overhead door.  It was such a funny perch to me, but the Dragonfly was very fond of it.  When I was done and needed to close the door, I had to shoo the Dragonfly away.  It tried to land again before I was done!

It was nice to get home a little early!  I even got to have a little shopping spree at the hardware store to get supplies to make some improvements at my residence.  I was able to get things like paint for a room that had been patched but not repainted before I moved in.  I am also replacing a few light fixtures, including one on the back of the house.  The old outdoor light had been blocked by the addition of an electrical box at some point in the past.  There was no way to put in a light bulb.  I purchased a new floodlight that will fit in that spot and shine out into the back yard.

While I was walking around the house, inside and out, looking for any other items that I might need, something caught my eye.  There was one solitary Ladybug wing sitting in the Coral Honeysuckle. I thought it was funny, because Ladybugs don't often misplace their wings.  As I looked a little closer, I found out what happened.  A Dragonfly was feasting on that poor Ladybug!  It was pretty cool.  Before I was able to capture the photo from another angle though, my park radio started squawking.  I rushed in to hear what was going on and found out that a person in the park had been injured.  I listened and chimed in a few times while the rangers helped the person and called an ambulance for them.  They handled it well though and didn't need me.

Thought of the Day #27
Today was a good day.  Everything went relatively smoothly and my coworkers were in good moods because it was Friday.  Everyone was looking forward to the upcoming long weekend... except those of us who have to work.  I'm sure that today was the calm before the storm for me as tomorrow starts Memorial Day Weekend.  I am happy to see some rain in the forecast which will definitely help with crowd control.  After typing that last sentence, I am realizing how much things have changed for me since arriving at Wekiwa.  At Troy, I was always wishing for a few more visitors, and here sometimes I wouldn't mind a few less visitors.  Maybe there is a park in my distant future that will be juuuust right.

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